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Member Applications


The deadline for application is July 25th.

You have it easy this year; we won’t be looking at hard copies. Just send me the information listed below (your reviews can be from any time in the last 18 months). I will notify you within a few weeks after that whether you are nominated, and, if so, forward your application to all the members.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Society of Film Critics.  Please be aware that the Society is not an umbrella organization for all qualified full-time critics; on average, only about one in four applicants is elected, based on quality of writing.

To apply please email me five pieces of film criticism – reviews of current movies (or think-pieces/essays) written during the previous year for the venue for which you are a regular critic.  You should also include a cover letter describing your venue, its circulation, how long you have been writing for it as a regular critic, and anything else you think might interest the group.  Send to

As “National” in our name implies, the venue for which you are applying must be a U.S. publication/site.  If what you send is in a language other than English, kindly provide translations for the pieces you send.

I will let you know within a few weeks whether you were nominated.  If so, I will send you a list of the current 60 or so members with their e-mail addresses and ask you to send them each a file with those five pieces plus the cover page. You will have about two weeks to get those out, and then our group will have about three weeks to read them and vote. 

Critics cannot apply in two successive years.

Liz Weis

Executive Director, NSFC

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